Hawkins Photo Alchemy

Photography by Joseph B Hawkins, Jr.

"Alchemy" - A Power or Process of Transforming Something Common Into Something Special


Visiting Yosemite often has allowed me to explore many spots at different times of the year. With my recent interest in Astrolandscape photography i explored locations for possible night images. The location in Ahwahnee meadow seemed positioned for early season milky way. I had visited this site in 2021 but was unhappy with the results. Though no final images which i am happy to share resulted – i  did learn about the location access and position. This year (2022) i again planned a return trip in late April 2022.


The final image was the result of planning and execution.  I starting with scouting the location prior to sunset and sepup for a blue hour shot which i would use for the foreground. Since the milky way was not expected to rise until after 1 am I went to my room in El Portal and took a nap prior to returning to the previously scouted location to the nigh sky images.  I set up and dialed in my composition and image settings and let the camera shoot multiple images. From the image collection i selected 30 for stacking the sky used in the final image.  I then also created a time lapse of the Milky Way rising.

Happy Trails  – The Photo Alchemist

Joseph Hawkins

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