Hawkins Photo Alchemy

Photography by Joseph B Hawkins, Jr.

"Alchemy" - A Power or Process of Transforming Something Common Into Something Special


I Recently completed a photography workshop in South Iceland led by Iurie Belegurschi and Edwin Martinez . This caused me to  contemplate the difference between a Photo Tour and a Photo Workshop.  I have attended eight in total over the last 8 years, four of each.  Photo Tours typically involves delivering a group of individuals to a scenic sight.  Usually at an optimal time for photography (ie golden hours) but involve limited guidance or instruction. The groups are larger, and much more varied in skill and experience. Photo Workshops more comprehensive instruction and field guidance in capturing the best possible images. In addition post processing is also part of the experience.

My view of landscape photography is that of an art form which begins with identifying a sight, scouting the location, capturing the image, processing the image and final output whether to the web or print.

The Photo Workshop which i recently attended was put on by Iurie Belegurschi, was by far the best i have experienced.  The scenery was spectacular, the itinerary was  well thought out . The photo instruction and guidance was out standing. Both instructors were with us in the field and were there for our benefit, neither was shooting but instead their attention was on helping the participants capture the scenes, and improve our photography.