Hawkins Photo Alchemy

Photography by Joseph B Hawkins, Jr.

"Alchemy" - A Power or Process of Transforming Something Common Into Something Special


I have fallen in love with combining the night sky with the wonders of the lanscape


In June 2022 my good friends Michael Goldring and Newton Seiden will be exhibiting a collection of photos taken during our travels together. The exhibit wil lbe at the San Joaquin River Parkway River Center 


I have fallen in love with combining the night sky with the wonders of the landscape. here are few more .


The magic of Iceland is wonderful to photgraph and even mroe spectacular to visit in person.

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Pine Flat Lake at Night

Pine Flat Lake at Night

PINE FLAT LAKE AT NIGHT Sheltering in place and social distancing continues. As is likely true for many of us we have had to find new ways to spend our time, hopefully in a constructive way.  I have taken the time to improve my photo skills studying and practicing...

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Corlieu Falls – Which do your like Best?

Corlieu Falls – Which do your like Best?

Social Distancing - Take a Hike in the Woods During these uncertain times with the global pandemic of COVID-19 virus we are all looking for ways to stay safe and occupied. I was able to get outside and take a hike in the Sierra National Forest along the Lewis Creek...

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Joseph B. Hawkins, Jr.

Photograpy has been a  hobby since college but took on new meaning with the arrival of the digital age. In 2001 my first digital camera was a pocket Kodak camera.  Discovering the benefits of digital images i quickly progressed to an interchangeable lens system with a Canon EOS 10D in 2004, beginning a long and continuing relationship with Canon. In 2006 I aquired my first copy of Photoshop CS2 and attended my first photo workshop in Yellowstone National Park. It was then that the passion for outdoor and landscaspe photography caught fire! The rest they say is history. On this web site you will find a varied collection of photos from my travels around the county and around the world.

Photo by Newton Seiden

Album Cover Art

Thanks to my cousin  Frank Piombo – Jazz Artist is about to publish his fifth album. “Family Concept” which is a combination of Soul Funk, R&B, Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz, and Straight ahead Jazz.

He has released 5 albums in the past 10 years of mostly original compositions. “Smooth Reminiscence”- 2010, “Sleepwalk”- 2011,”The Night Speaks”- 2013, “Keep It Movin'”- 2017, and “Family Concept”- 2020.

The album covers of both The Night Speaks and the new album Family Concept includes photos of mine with  a picture of Frank  embedded, courtesy of Joey Arminio.
PS: The album to be released, for purchase, in two weeks. Pick up a copy and support Indie Artists like Frank Piombo